The Store

Arya Farm Produce store


Store hours vary by time of year

Spring & Summer: 10am – 6pm (except 10am – 5pm on Sundays)
Fall & Winter: 10am – 5pm


What do we sell?

We offer a wide variety of products in our store, including our own produce, produce obtained from other local farms, conventional produce, and lots of ingredients commonly used in international dishes!

The organic produce that isn’t grown right here on the farm (there’s no way we can grow it all!) is purchased from other passionate small farmers like ourselves.  Smaller produce markets in the Bay Area and the Central Valley supply our store with conventional produce.

Aside from produce, we sell local organic fresh farm eggs, local raw honey from our farm, locally made olive oil and balsamic vinegar, ethnic spices, dry beans and nuts, bulk foods, international grocery items and much more.