The Farm

We are passionate about growing organic produce here at Arya.  Our 15 acre farm grows a variety of produce year-round:

In the summer/spring season, we grow tomatoes, summer squash, Afghan melons, muskmelons, ambrosia cantaloupes, watermelon, salad cucumbers, pickling cukes, green beans, yellow wax beans, black eye beans, purple hull beans, crowder beans, eggplant, Hungarian wax peppers, banana peppers, Italian long sweet peppers, serrano peppers, jalapeño peppers, and Thai chiles.

In the fall/winter season we grow pumpkins, winter squash, garlic, dill, mint, Red Stockton onions, yellow walla walla onions, white onions, kale, mustard, rainbox chard, purple carrots and French carrots.

We even offer U-Pick!  Currently this only applies to grapes in the summer and pomegranates in the fall.  Come out and pick your own grapes and pomegranates!  Nothing tastes better than freshly picked fruit, particularly pomegranates since they start to dry out the moment they’re picked.

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