Honey – Raw and Local


Local raw honey, hives and honeybees

We sell honey that was harvested from our very own hives here at Arya! It doesn’t get any more local than this!

In January 2013, Alan of A.W. Hawkins Apiaries right here in Tracy kindly allowed us to take care of some of their bees and hives! We’re very excited to learn about beekeeping, and even more excited to offer our customers some local honey – very local!

Consuming local honey every day can be a huge help with seasonal allergies. Since bees use pollen from their local area to make honey, ingesting this pollen gives the immune system a big head start when it comes to allergies. So, eat local honey, keep away allergies!

Honey does more than sweeten your tea (or oatmeal, or toast…); honey is full of antioxidants and probiotics, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, maintains glycogen and blood sugar levels, and has exterior healing and restorative properties.

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